Camera decluttering

As many photographers, I am not totally immune to GAS and to the subtle fascination of some kind of mechanical perfection, and the right tool for my use.
Being anyway true that you have to find your own tool, and that our style may change in years, the problem is often somewhere else.
It happens that we are someway frustrated, tired or unhappy of some situation, or that photography itself gets stuck at some point, and we start believing that buying a new camera will just enrich our experience and give us some new perspective.
So a new lens, a new camera, a totally new system, then a new model...the drama never, sell, try.

I am not immune, in my new photography darkroom for rent in Milan I have placed a "Barnack camera" tech drawing picture and a Nikon F2 dye-cut poster. I love the right tools, I love mechanics.


Nikon Dye-cut
Courtesy of Wikiwand

But the point is that is hard enough to master a camera for most people, let's figure out to master different systems and keeping changing. You don't find that dial, that function, and so on...
At least this is what happened TO ME, but hey, I'm so limited.

So I just made a decision years ago, and started selling cameras, usually for photography books, some I gave away for free, or as a trade for something else. I could not be more happy. I work with a few selected tools, always the same. Things that I can repair easily everywhere, not like the Leicas that demonstrated a lot less reliable than they looked like (it's only a legend) and crazy expensive to fix when something happened, and it happened...

Leica cl, sold
As a part-time photography teacher in Milan academy I sold some cameras to forming students...well cla'd and fully working cameras, seeing them happy was a gift.

Then, for a period I made a game, before sending cameras after ebay deals, I used to take the shipping address and see where they would end, just imagining the place they will (maybe) take pictures. 
Funny imagination game. I have several pictures, these are some.

Leica M kit - gone
Leica M 40mm
Olympus 35sp
Fuji stuffs
Nikon F100 camera body

I am left with a simple Nikon FM System, an Olympus PEN Point and shoot, A Rollei 35 and a Rolleiflex, that's even more than what I need. Uh, two Nikon DSLR that accept my lenses when I work, that's all, the freedom that I get while shooting with always the same camera is total, and way more valid that keeping buying things I don't need. When the urge comes back I now know that I need a change that can't be fullfilled from a credit card move...