Fujifilm x-photographer days part I/III

 Diary, from the days working as an x-photographer with Fujifilm

Still stealing time to go into an archive work in these weeks...
Periods, experiences, meeting is what I'm putting under a loupe, rather than "good" photographs.
I am looking for a new period in my life, a new adventure with my photography workspace and a new state of freedom from a job that was disintegrating any free time.
So I end up watching, using photographs as a connection to memory, what worked, how it felt. Photography is a powerful method to archive awareness on this thing.
Some years ago I had some luck to end up working with the Fujifilm staff, working with them as an x-photographer. The adventure lapsed some years giving me a chance to know some talented people I could not have met probably in other ways and making experiences along the way.
Experiences are the key.
You understand this always later, is too much often true.
The project ended, like so many other things but working on the video, traveling, meeting people is an experience that I remember with joy and meloncholy and they created one of the definitely best camera system from nothing, bringing alive something that looked only like a dream back then...
Since I'm still using those cameras, I keep remembering, and I'm glad.

Fujifilm x-photographer days
Memories, diary. Photography as connection.

Fujifilm x-photographer days

Fujifilm x-photographer days
It was mostly pure street photography back then...

You can watch the first video made with Antoine...to be continued :)