A darkroom story

I lived in the outskirts of Milan.
There was this man, running a local shop. Shooting weddings and other local photography activities, helping his son that was running the shop.
He was a master black and white darkroom printer, worked for the Corriere Della Sera darkroom, back in the days.
Once I went with him, and just fell in love instantly. It was just "I have to do it too". It happened two times in my life, just instant connection and desire.
A first true darkroom love experience.

My parents now live close to his basement, and I took a picture of the building while I parked...He is dead from a while, but the gift I had that afternoon has no price. 
I think often of him.
I had darkrooms everywhere...sitting on a washing machine top, Garages, studios, friends homes, bathrooms...
Decades after, I am close to terminate the circle and replicate the thing in my most serious darkroom.

Thanks Riccardo, you were kind and good with me, a really hearth warming person.

The hole at sidewalk level was a blackened window to a magic place. This was a game-changing place.