An open state of mind

It's not about taking some free time now and then.
Is more about building a space (a mental space) where things may happen, even in photography. Where "when" is not anymore a fucking google calendar problem.
This is what I'm working in the last two years. Building back from the scratch a profession where you end the endless run, develop an awareness of how precious is time (in life, not only for delivery an assignment to a client) and realize a lifestyle that leaves at least a fraction of time for knowing that you will not (no more) keeping postponing your free time, your walks, your vision. So that the vision itself doesn't get arid and chances to survive a difficult profession may happen.

I got a taste of this during hours between two assignments, free time to wander the streets. It used to be like this for years, then it stopped.

My plan is going to start at the end of this month. Time is the key.

don't be sucked in.