Fujifilm x-Photographer PART III/III final thoughts.

 Still going into the archives. Archives are a neverending workshop for a photographer, or like Henri Cartier Bresson said about contact sheets, they are like a psychologist's notebook. :)
Here I am with mu small and less significant experience reflecting on the sense of life, and analyzing my job as a photographer, now that I am facing new changes, starting out a new adventure with the Red Room place. 
I have talked in the previous posts of this adventure with Fujifilm team and about how has been inspiring in many ways. I remember about it often, and pictures are a perfect connection for this.

Even tough the archive literally explodes from pictures, I'll just post a couple of them here. As symbols for a memory or in other words, like I said, as a Connection to a wider perspective.

There I was like in a time machine, shooting Sara for a wonderful 2 years long book project that pushed me into a wonderful friendship (photography can be a nice excuse for things like these), and wandering the streets with a nice compact camera. Isn't the concept of a simple camera with just one lens liberating? 

Enough words. 

The project ended for me.

Why many people asked? It evolved in other directions, that does not take anything away from the preciousness of it, there's no need to speculate anything.

Love, G

fujifilm x100 gabriele lopez
Can't wait for winter light to be back...

fujifilm x100 gabriele lopez
Shooting with Sara...