Visualizzazione dei post da Ottobre, 2021


 Continued from " Days of the king "... When I look at my contact sheet it’s evident how much is more of an instinctive reaction rather than anything else, but snapshot after snapshot a meaning starts to emerge. A more handy camera as possible for a fast and instant reaction to a feeling, or to the fragment of a memory. A cooperation between man and camera, trying to see like a camera does. Not a definite kind of photography, not a genre, but a full reproduction of whatever comes in front of me, like every man sees everyday life. If you lose the energy of a city composed by so many different perspectives and find yourself in a claustrophobic system there’s no other way than walking around and try to get it back. In this sense and perspective these are pictures that can’t find home and just keep wandering around like lost souls between heaven and fire, confused like bar stories, surprised and free. Until they’ll find home I will keep wandering and searching like a lost cat. Ev

Paolo, on time and timings.

 t's mostly about time, or timings. When someone disappears suddenly, you can't avoid to think at what you postponed, delayed. You realize after what was precious and you missed. Frienship, chances, connections. There was something real that we postponed way too much, now is too late and I can't help but being sorry and stupid. Here we was in Lubiana years ago, you looking at the local mountains around and then holding a book. Ironically, the title is "hold still, keep going", photography reveals after, with time, everytime. Photographs are keys.