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this large collection of photographs

What I have in front now is this large collection of photographs, as often happens with many photographers. They don’t want to fit into any project. The problem may just be having a project, in the present moment. it would censor myself, pretending that this or that picture does not fit. As I am sitting in a bar I can see the ice melting and the drink color goes between the ice like a submarine flow. It is no time for solutions, nor barriers, just let things come, record, live…let things free. In a constant movement, like a comet.

Fujifilm x-photographers days part II/III

 As I was writing in the previous post, I'm deep in these Fujifilm archives, enjoying the memory of an experience. I am always been a fan of compact cameras, since my BMX age :) and I kept using what was available in the following years and then decades... I had a lucky chance to experience this X70 camera , a little dream pocket sized camera that pushed me back to when I was enjoying my film point and shoots. So I was circumnavigating the city on a daily basis, in a rush of hard work in the daily business of each one of us and there she was, ready to catch a moment and keep a faithful diary.

Fujifilm x-photographer days part I/III

 Diary, from the days working as an x-photographer with Fujifilm Still stealing time to go into an archive work in these weeks... Periods, experiences, meeting is what I'm putting under a loupe, rather than "good" photographs. I am looking for a new period in my life, a new adventure with my photography workspace  and a new state of freedom from a job that was disintegrating any free time. So I end up watching, using photographs as a connection to memory, what worked, how it felt. Photography is a powerful method to archive awareness on this thing. Some years ago I had some luck to end up working with the Fujifilm staff, working with them as an x-photographer. The adventure lapsed some years giving me a chance to know some talented people I could not have met probably in other ways and making experiences along the way. Experiences are the key. You understand this always later, is too much often true. The project ended, like so many other things but working on the video, t


"[Wabi-sabi] nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect." A way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.


In these days a story came to my mind, indeed a period. A fragment of it is the one in which my parents, who worked desperately from dawn to late evening, often left me with a lady who is in a small house next door. I was back from school and I was there, until they came to pick me up ... those were the years when you searched inspirations ... I remember that the daughter used to watch music shows and I was crazy about Spandau Ballet, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears and Duran Duran; the first outings were to the village music shop, to buy tapes… music has always been an important part of my life. In that house there were stray cats that narrate ... once the cat gave birth in the basement while we were watching everything. This too is engraved in my mind. I remember my friends playing volleyball in the courtyard where I lived, and I watched them through the roller shutter… or from behind the curtain. Sometimes the family asked me why I didn't join them, but I replied that I didn't

days of the king

Back at the beginning, when I was in my twenties and I had a regular job while I was starting to get into photography, I was hardly interacting with other photographers. Internet was at the very beginning and even if I tried to join some local photographers association I mostly did it totally alone. It was hard to combine my working hours with the association opening hours, so I ended up forgetting about it and keep doing all day solitary walks around my city, Milan. Occasional conversation with people I was starting to write with on the first websites that were starting to appear as an exception in this lonely act. I used to park my car somewhere near Loreto and walk alone in different roads, getting lost and end up on the Navigli Area, or Central Station...the place had few or no importance. Getting lost was, being alone, seeing through my viewfinder and trying to understand something more about me and about what was happening. 15 Years lapsed in this way and so many things happened