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until something emerges...

A simple table, prints.  Memories, connections. From many years it's always been a similar exercise: looking out to learn what happens inside. And so I spent countless hours in the darkroom, make boxes and I stop and watch, alone with classic music, until a meaning emerge.  Some shadow of surprise.

Jerry Saltz on spaces for artists...

" A window is opening. In the early 1990s there was no money in the art world. Commercial real estate was temporarily depressed - like now (now is much worse). Scores and scores or artists, gallerists, curators and critics curated shows, opened galleries, started Biennials, opened new Art Fairs (or whatever new model replaces the horrendous way art fairs operate now). Almost all of these people were poor; maxed-out credit cards; built it out of themselves. They started a tremendous new art world. They made new magazines. Because they had to in order to be seen or heard at all. Covid has decimated commercial real-estate. Windows are opening again. Batons are being passed. - You can start your own museums and galleries and new art fairs. Many lived illegally in these commercial spaces and offices and store fronts - with no bathroom except down the hall. They carved out corners. It was not that long ago. It was hard; It is hard. But - - - You build communities. There was no help; no

Workshop di fotografia analogica Milano

 Workshop e corso di fotografia analogica one to one a Milano Workshop di fotografia analogica individuale one to one a Milano Questo workshop è dedicato alla fotografia analogica e viene offerto in forma individuale o in ogni caso per piccoli gruppi di persone. Può essere costruito per chi vuole iniziare a conoscere il mondo della f otografia analogica e della stampa in camera oscura o a chi scatta da qualche tempo e volesse approfondirne degli aspetti, come ad esempio la scansione o la stampa digitale o tradizionale in camera oscura. La fotografia vive una fase particolare da diversi anni a questa parte, dall'avvento di Internet in poi e sebbene questo abbia comportato tutta una serie di novità e vantaggi c'è, come sempre, un rovescio della medaglia: si scattano moltissime fotografie che a volte non si riguardano nemmeno, oppure scompaiono in un archiviazione complicata e a volte caotica. Le foto vengono "condivise" in modo ripetitivo ed ipnotico, e svaniscono ass