Broken Poems Book Project

BROKEN POEMS Broken Poems was the first book for this adventure. 70+pages on coated paper, a 3 years journey towards a new vision in photography… Now SOLD OUT was available in both artist book with prints edition and book only. Edition of 150 books. Find a good place close to the sea and look at pictures. Memories. Fragile thoughts and sensation disappear silently far from crowds and noise. Open my eyes so I can see and be in love. Black is the night. Encounters, keys, changes, escape. So quiet that you could see through it. Diary. No fear.

Time Keeper

Time Keeper by Gabriele Lopez Published in 2015, 172 pages on Cyclus paper, A5 SOLD OUT I find myself awake at night wandering home(s) and memories, looking for connections I open a box full of my school stuff from my age as a child that my father gave me… I keep looking at a recent picture that I took at my parents garden. and I realize that I’m becoming more and more like him. Dust covers memories and pictures are time keepers, helping me to balance Birth, goodbyes, death, flashbacks and escape. Imaginary landscapes. Time expand and disappears. How long is now?

Tokyo 2014

Tokyo 2014, not for sale, private collection artist book