Subway Zen

 I started to take these photographs casually, in those endless hours spent traveling back and forth during my 9 to 5 years…Like millions of other people, I have done this kind of life for years. Subway can be an outstanding teather of human life situations if we’re open to different possibilities. I have taken photographs since 2005 on a daily basis in every subway and today is more common to observe 90% of passengers hiding and lost observing a smartphone screen rather than watching around and interacting.  In the underground you end up losing your accurately built identity when you are  surrounded by the crowd. You may be a manager or a street sweeper and it doesn’t makes any difference. Your space and your privacy are revisited and even space for breathing is not for granted. Our ancient sense of smell faces many strangers. Your status is deleted, everyone can’t wait to reach surface again. Eye games, meetings, distance, earphones, books and the damn smartphone become defense weapo

Connection 3

Connection 3 A5 Stapled zine! 10€ 20 copies. Three countries, four cities Search and confusion Desire It is cold most of the year Loneliness Noise used to have crowds in my pictures but they are nowhere to be found today it’s a story about waiting and shooting the moon Connection #III Cover and 6-15 Igor Baranchuk (Russia) 16-25 Cloro (Italy) 26-37 Andrea Taurisano (Norway) 4-5, 38-55 Gabriele Lopez (Italy)

Approaching New York

 In 2010 I had the chance of going to NY for some days, not for photography mostly but because I was in the USA for an assignment and I took some days before to visit NY with my daughter.
 It was a period of big changes and I was sure experiencing some big one or in better words, looking for solutions for the period that was exciting but really hard.
 Looking back on that I wonder where I found the energy to overpass what was happening in those years but I’m anyway happy that the daily grind made me more than just miserable.
 So it was a search, definitely. Ten years ago I was unaware of what photography really became in these days not from the fame or success point of view but mostly as a personal experience one so I ended up doing a lot of what you may call “Street photography” that is a nonsense definition to me now. I still shoot in the streets but I changed a lot and my photography followed. In that precise moments sound and temperature collided and I can remember the landscape co