The days of the king

Back at the beginning, when I was in my twenties and I had a regular job while I was starting to get into photography, I was hardly interacting with other photographers.

Internet was at the very beginning and even if I tried to join some local photographers association I mostly did it totally alone.

It was hard to combine my working hours with the association opening hours, so I ended up forgetting about it and keep doing all day solitary walks around my city, Milan.

Occasional conversation with people I was starting to write with on the first websites that were starting to appear as an exception in this lonely act.

I used to park my car somewhere near Loreto and walk alone in different roads, getting lost and end up on the Navigli Area, or Central Station...the place had few or no importance.

Getting lost was, being alone, seeing through my viewfinder and trying to understand something more about me and about what was happening.

15 Years lapsed in this way and so many things happened, but when I met Max and our friendship could happen, we started doing this together, and it’s been so many years that we have continued this journey into the daily grind of the city.

A city that has changed, always more and more covered in concrete. Skyscrapers have appeared, crowds got bigger, life went on and things have changed like we did, too.

Covering all those sidewalks and taking snapshots, pivoting and covering far areas of the city even far from the usual touristic zones, sometime having few or no pictures, sometime with many snapshots taken.

No project, no theme, no Social media, no public.

Just a free private daily diary of snapshots taken along the road of life.

I’m happy of the days we’ve shared and will be grateful for those we will have the chance to do again.

During this pandemic this has been hardly missed but I finally had the time to go through thousands and thousands of pictures. The project is ongoing, there’s not a definitive selection made at all, and probably there will never be any need to do it.

The purpose is getting lost and keep in constant movement, like a comet.

Many days after I went into a text on the Provoke book that I love to share here and I loved to make a unimportant little tribute to it with this page title.

Milano 16 Apr 2021

(to be continued)