Suspended Shinjuku

Recently while I was searching my archive I went through my archive of pictures that I took in Tokyo during winter of 2014.

Shooting a city that’s it’s always been a symbol so influent on the kind of photography that I always followed and loved is not easy. While I was there I spent several days without shooting close to nothing, I usually need time to feel and understand.

As days went by and I started to make some meetings pictures started coming, but too soon it was time to go back.

Now, 6 years after I looked for a picture to print, ONE that could mean the whole trip. I ended up on a previously discarded frame, a corner in Shinjuku, close to Golden Gai, even if apparently nothing is happening, it contains more than any other picture I archived.

It contains almost all the sensation of my suspended trip and I can recall how I felt that day, that moment, in that place. I printed, framed and is now hanging in my little studio.

In a Pandemic, with no money left and until a luck injection is what I'm hanging at.

So: Tokyo Shinjuku 2014, the suspended trip.