Fujifilm years

 Just a few words on a period.

A few years ago I had a chance to collaborate with Fujifilm...it was the xpro1 period, it looks like history but in reality just a few years have lapsed. I was deeply into my street photography and research years into something new, different and personal.

You can call that a work as ambassador, but it was just an exchange of good experiences for me.

I was psyched of how good and interesting that period was, writing articles and sharing a vision on photography, traveling and meeting people with joy in the act of a purely cultural sharing. Today, it totally looks like a dream. If there's a dream job to me, would be this: creating, sharing and someway inspiring people and meet other visions.

But I awaked from it, things change and nothing is forever...but it's been a wonderful and interesting adventure I will treasure and miss...

There are still moments from those years floating in the web around but it was once.  And this makes every life experience precious.

All those sidewalk vision converged into this street photography experience I follow now and then with like-minded people from a lot of different places.

fujifilm x Gabriele Lopez
From the Fujifilm X years