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 In 2018, we were happily traveling around Italy doing our diy Nights adventure and we got called from Sanremo to do one of our nights and presentations there at Forte Santa Tecla.
Has been a crazy weekend in a beautiful place born as a prison on the sea and now converted in a cultural meeting place...

Diy Night in Forte Santa Tecla Sanremo
Diy Night in Forte Santa Tecla Sanremo ©Davide Bernardi

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I was in the middle of my desire of escaping the street photography thing and build something personal, more private and memory related, and trying to build a chance to realize some printed works adventure that people could join. I had a small darkroom where some of the first experiments with other people  were born...and a serie of personal pictures that I decided to call "Broken Poems". 
The serie ended in a book, and made the Broken Poems adventure actually start...

17x24 72 pages on coated paper and varnished softcover